About Us

Opportunity. Innovation. Creativity.
Who We Are

Who We Are

Warwick Street Productions LLC is: A newly created film production company whose partners have proven track records. Committed to opportunity, innovation and creativity. Dedicated to the production of high quality filmmaking in the theatrical and commercial arenas. We are a company of “book ends” with experiences that combine generations, gender, skills and core competencies. Our focus is on story telling, regardless of the genre, the medium or the audience. Warwick Street Productions is a majority female owned company.

Our Values

Our Values

OPPORTUNITY – As a female owned company, we understand the hurdles (gender, age, ethnicity) that talented people must overcome. At WSP, our doors are open and our minds are free to find people and resources based on talent and brains only. INNOVATION – We strive to apply meaningful new thinking and ideas to all our work. Not change for the sake of change, but innovations that enhance the story and exceeds audience expectations. CREATIVITY – There are no formulaic approaches to our work. We strive for originality, imagination and inventiveness and apply these values to the films we produce and the commercial ventures we undertake.

Our Services

Our Services

Simply put -- We take your story and tell it: From development to preproduction to filming to post production. Theatrical or commercial. About people, lives, and brands.

Arthur Shapiro

Writer, fluent in corporate language / Warwick St. Productions

A marketing and communications consultant with a desire to tell stories through scripts and narratives.

Lauren Ashley Carter

Producer and Talent Wrangler / Warwick St. Productions

Talented actress, writer, and producer for both stage and screen with extraordinary character development skills.

Natasha Kermani

Creative Director / Warwick St. Productions

Gifted director, photographer, and editor with a unique ability to make the camera an integral part of the story.